Voice commands

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Voice commands

Post by Mugen on Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:20 pm

Z1 Yeah!
Z2 Roger!
Z3 Thank you!
Z4 Negative!
Z5 Good shot!
Z6 Good luck!

X1 Need repair!
X2 Need backup!
X3 Clear mine!
X4 Need engineer!
X5 Need smoke bomb!
X6 Need flashbang!
X7 Need sniper!

C1 Go go go!
C2 Watch your back!
C3 Cover me!
C4 A-site
C5 B-site
C6 C-site
C7 Hold position!
C8 Fall back!
C9 Follow me!

V1 You chicken!
V2 Hi
V3 Bye
V4 Oops
V5 Good game
V6 Sorry

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